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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Remodeling Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Remodeling a bathroom does not always have to be a complex renovation. There are slight upgrades that can make a world of difference. There are also plenty of ways to remodel a small bathroom and give it a brand new and, in some cases, much bigger look.

Single-Handle Faucet

To save space around the sink area, there are several sink options with a single handle instead of having two knobs. It will make for less work during the construction process as well.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Mounting sink faucets into the wall call for a less bulky style of sink to be installed. This will open up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a sink. When space is a concern, there are slimmer-fit sink options to choose from.

More Light

Letting in more natural light will give the appearance of more space. Some smaller bathrooms are limited in space, but it if is possible to add a window or skylight, then the dimensions will appear much larger than they actually are.

A Door Towel Bar

Cramped bathrooms do not always provide additional space, which means a towel bar is not always an option to stand on its own. Attaching the towel bar to the outside of a shower door is a way of including this component while also saving space during your bathroom renovation.

Widen Mirror

A wider mirror will serve a few purposes. It will allow two people to get ready simultaneously while also giving off the illusion of more space. This can also provide a more aesthetic appearance to smaller bathrooms.

Recessed Cabinets

When there is limited space, going with bulky shelves is not a realistic option. This could work for storage space in and out of a shower. Even in small bathrooms that are without a shower, recessed shelving is a great way to add more space and dimension.

Match the Ceiling

Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls will make the room seem bigger. Having a contrasting ceiling color will limit the depth and create a ceiling line. Looking around in a bathroom where the ceiling matches the walls will actually expand the room from a visual perspective.

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