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Friday, November 9, 2018

Deciding Between a Tub and a Walk-In Shower

When undergoing a full bathroom remodel, there is often the decision of having to choose between a bathtub or walk-in shower. Each has its benefits, although there is a need to look at all the facts before arriving at a final decision. Here are some helpful hints regarding each option.

Walk-in Shower

This actually allows for more space and could make room for something like double sinks. That extra space could come in handy when going through the bathroom design process as it often offers more flexibility.

luxury bathroom with curbless walk-in shower

There are also health benefits to choosing a walk-in shower. Elderly people and those with back issues generally have an easier time accessing a walk-in shower remodel solution. Your remodeling contractor may even suggest a curbless, or wheelchair accessible, shower for even easier access as you age.

There is also the chic factor to consider. Walk-in showers are more contemporary in design and can provide a very chic look. People living in smaller spaces can also use a walk-in shower to create a more open look and even leave off the door to create more openness.


Several designs are available to homeowners who choose to go with a bathtub as it is tough to achieve an antique or retro look without a tub. But there is a lot more than just choosing your favorite shape and design. If you have a free standing tub and would like to change things up, it could take a lot of repositioning of pipes.

vintage inspired bathroom featuring a white clawfoot tub next to red framed window

Small children benefit more from a tub as it is not as practical to bathe them in a walk-in shower. Plus mothers can relax themselves with a hot, bubbly soak. Families need to consider the long-term household needs.

The resale value of a home is another thing to consider. Homes without a bathtub usually do not demand as high of an asking price as homes that are equipped with bathtubs. If you are looking to install a walk-in shower, consider whether or not another bathroom in the home has a tub. Having a tub could really pay off in the long run.

Some elderly people may have a tougher time getting into a tub, but once they are in, the positive effects can be felt. Baths can serve as a pain reliever and also improve circulation.

Whether you are looking to go with a walk-in shower or bathtub for your bathroom renovation, Kitchen N Bath Visions can build you the bathroom of your dreams. It will only take a short time as our kitchen remodeling Charlotte and bath remodeling services are truly one of a kind.