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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Choose the Right Tile Floor for Your Kitchen Remodel

Tile floors are available in all different styles and surfaces. There is also a lot that goes into choosing a tile floor for your kitchen remodel as the tile can have a variety of functions. Here is a look at how to choose the right tile floor for your new kitchen.

Create More Space

There is a way to create the appearance of more space by using tiles with a diamond shaped pattern or tiles with a pattern that is horizontal. Larger sized tiles can also give the impression of more space, especially those of the 24 inch variety. Selecting a grout that is the same color as the tiles also serves the purpose of creating more space.

Complement the Back Splash

Back splashes have become a popular choice in kitchen remodels. While black splashes are usually a multi-colored, it’s a good idea to match the color of the tile floor with one of the colors in the back splash. This will create a nice complimentary color pattern throughout the kitchen. Kitchen N Bath Visions remodeling experts would be happy to help you mix and match tiles and backsplashes to meet your style.

Consider the Cook

Those who do a lot of cooking in the kitchen are bound to spill some things on their tile floor. Stains show up much easier on tile floors that are light in color. Dark color tiles can keep the floor looking cleaner, although darker tiles show more dust than lighter tiles.

Monitor the Traffic

Think about where your kitchen is located in the house and consider how much traffic will be going through that room. If there is a heavy traffic pattern, it is wise to go with a more durable floor, such as concrete or granite. Ceramic tiles might not stand up as well to all that traffic while porcelain is a more appropriate choice in homes with pets and children.

Gauge the Climate

Tile floors can be very cold in the winter months, particularly if a home is not equipped with radiant heat. However, radiant heat does not work well with hardwood floors and is more conducive in kitchens that have natural stone or laminate tile floors. 

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