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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Choosing a Countertop for Your Kitchen Remodel

There are plenty of decisions to be made when you decide to remodel a kitchen. No matter what kind of kitchen remodel you choose, an important decision always lies in choosing a countertop. Here’s a look at a variety of options when it comes to kitchen countertops.


This is a very popular choice but it also comes with a high price tag. However, granite is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also scratch resistant, extremely durable and will not stain. It makes for very easy cleaning and has a tendency to hide dirt. Scalding hot pots and pans can go right on top of granite without causing any damage to the surface.

Butcher Block

Pricewise, this is an excellent alternative to installing granite countertops. Butcher block is made out of wood, which can vary from walnut to maple to cherry among others.  To protect the wood, some sanding and oiling are recommended twice a year. End grain is the most popular and durable style of butcher block. Butcher block is not often the sole material for a kitchen counter. It is most commonly installed in a single section, such as the countertop for a kitchen island, with the majority of the kitchen utilizing one of the other materials.


This variety has an aesthetically-pleasing gray look to it. Like granite, it is a natural stone and with similar functionality. Soapstone is a bit softer than granite so its installation should be done by an experienced professional.

Stainless Steel

These countertops are made of metal alloy and match well with other kitchen appliances. The process of cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel is rather simple and it also will not rust or stain. However, cleaning should be done frequently as smudges and fingerprints can show up easily on stainless steel.


Concrete countertops are not made completely of concrete, but also include mortar and sand. Concrete countertops are able to take on various colors, which provides homeowners with many options.  Additionally, they are resistant to heat and there is an industrial look that often comes with concrete countertops.


This is a great alternative for homeowners on a more limited budget. They are a man-made product, some of which have a very contemporary look. There are a wide array of designs to Formica countertops, which are sometimes described as laminate.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Areas That Need To Be Addressed In a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling could mean a little bit of changes or a complete overhaul to your bathroom. No matter what your choice, there are several areas that need to be addressed before any work begins. Here is a look at what areas need to be addressed before starting the bathroom remodeling process.

Square Footage

It is important to know how much square footage you are working with during your bathroom remodel. Keep in mind that this does not have to be limited to the current size of your existing bathroom. Buildouts are available to give you a whole new layout.


This will dictate some of what can and cannot be done, although there are plenty of cost-friendly ways to revamp your bathroom without breaking your bank account. Let your contractor know how much you are working with and explore your options from there.

Household Needs

A household with four kids will not require the same needs of a household with just an adult or two. Something simple in regards of a new tub might work better for families, while Jacuzzi tubs, whirlpools and complete shower remodeling might be better for couples without children.


The theme is important in bathroom remodeling because it matches everything accordingly. The process will likely cost a lot more when you have difficulty matching fixtures, cabinets and vanities. The theme is also what gives the bathroom its personality so keep that in mind during the decision-making stage.


Many people have a tendency to overlook their storage needs when planning a bathroom remodel in Charlotte NC. There is a long list of options when it comes to adding closets, cabinets and even built-in shelving.


The cost of your bathroom remodeling project will depend a great deal on whether or not you intend to keep your existing plumbing. It is not always essential to replace the plumbing, especially if you are not moving around fixtures. Moving plumbing around could really add to the overall cost of your remodel.


A little change in lighting can go a very long way. Look into those options as you can go brighter, add a dimmer, layer your lighting, and even install mood lighting.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Choosing a Tile for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling comes with a lot of choices as homeowners are required to decide on what kind of tile they would like to decorate their new kitchen. Selecting a tile goes beyond just colors, design and patterns, it also delves into the different types of tile. Here is a rundown of some of the more popular tile choices for a kitchen remodel provided by Kitchen N Bath Charlotte NC.


Ceramic tiles have ratings from one to five, and those ratings are gauged by different degrees of hardness. This is considered to be an affordable option as it offers a wide variety of patterns and colors. Porcelain tiles fall under this classification as it is a type of ceramic, although it is a much denser version. Ceramic tiles can also be made to look like other popular materials such as wood and stone.


Glass tile is a little more costly, but can also add a more sophisticated look once kitchen remodeling is complete. It is more commonly used on back splashes, but can be used on floors and accent counters, although it is not as popular of a choice in these areas. Glass tile is more commonly found in bathroom areas because of how it is unaffected by moisture. Meanwhile, mosaic glass can offer a variety of colors for an eclectic look.


Stone tile provides an elegant look to any kitchen and actually consist of natural stone, such as granite, marble, sandstone and many more. While these varieties may look appealing, they are susceptible to water damage and therefore demand more upkeep and maintenance. It is far more common to see these stones in the form of solid slabs for countertops or wall tile. Nevertheless, there a long list of attractive choices that also include slate and onyx among others.


Vinyl tile flooring is a cheaper alternative as its different varieties mimic more expensive types of tiling, such as ceramic and hardwood. This remains a popular option because of its price and, in some instances, vinyl tile can even be grouted. It can provide a charming look, resembling other kinds of more costly tile flooring.


This option may be a little pricier, but one of its benefits is its slip resistance. There is also a versatility that comes with cement tiles as they can be manufactured in any size, color and shape. This is an option for more than just floors, but is also a good choice for back splashes and walls.

When you are in the market for remodeling services Charlotte NC for a large or small kitchen, Kitchen N Bath Visions can see to it that you have everything you want, including your choice of tile flooring. The kitchen of your dreams is just a phone call away as kitchen makeovers are an area of expertise at Kitchen N Bath Visions.